Released Time Class in Your School

How Can You Start a Released Time Class
in Your School?


  • First, pray and ask for God’s direction. He will open or close doors for you and give you direction.
  • Do some research. Find out if there is already a ministry doing Released Time in your school district or community.
  • Search out other individuals who will join you in praying for the start of a Released Time class.
  • Begin recruiting individuals to serve with you. It will take committed volunteers to get the class started.
  • Invite Joy El Ministries to come and share about the Released Time program with interested individuals.
  • Continue to make your community aware of the Released Time ministry opportunity through many PR avenues (emails, phone calls, presentations, letters, press releases, meetings, etc.). Press releases are available from Joy El Ministries upon request.
  • Share the financial need in order for Released Time to happen in the community. It generally costs Joy El Ministries approximately $103 per student per year to operate a Released Time class. Communities are encouraged to participate financially. Donations to Joy El Ministries are not earmarked for a particular RT class. They go into the general fund. But, by supporting Joy El Ministries donors are enabling Released Time to happen in their community as well as helping other communities to begin a new program.
  • Secure a host location. This could be a church, community center, office suite or any appropriate place to hold your class. Getting a local church involved to host the class will often produce additional support from that congregation as well.
  • Arrange transportation if the students would not be able to walk to the location. Volunteers should be assigned to escort both walkers and riders to class.
  • Assign volunteers to serve in needed positions: school coordinator, secretary, teachers, listeners, transportation helpers…there are many ways to serve, but these are the basic volunteer needs of each class.
  • Select a desired day and time for your weekly Released Time class.
  • Joy El Ministries will then contact the District Superintendent to communicate the desire to offer Released Time in your school.
  • Joy El Ministries will provide training for your volunteers.
  • Distribute permission forms to potential students.
  • Collect returned permission forms and prepare to start Released Time.
  • Begin your very first Released Time class!