For Parents

Tuition and Fees

How much does a year in J-Serve Cost?

The annual cost of participation in the J-Serve program is $4,995.00.  Students may pay the annual fee upfront at the beginning of the ministry year or may pay installments over a period of time.  Students should contact J-Serve for information on setting up installment payments and required timelines for payments.

There is a $40 application that should accompany your student's application for the program. The application fee will be deducted from your total cost and is nonrefundable.

Students may also seek funding from a support base of donors to cover the costs of the program. To discuss setting up payments by donor supporters, contact J-Serve at 717-369-4539.

Is there financial aid available?

Unfortunately at this time there is no financial aid offered to students attending J-Serve.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, there is one payment plan available.


$995 nonrefundable deposit due upon acceptance
$3,000 due in August upon arrival
$1,500 due in December

Is it a good idea for my child to take a year off from college?

For some students who are feeling burned out academically and need a year to re-energize or who are unclear what they want to do with their life, taking a year off could be the best thing for them. Giving them a year in J-Serve can help them to find true direction for their life and give them a deeper understanding of themselves and allow them to grow as we offer them experiencial learning that will challenge them to grow in ways beyond academic knowledge.

What makes J-Serve different from a year at college?

In today's world students are questioning the value of a college degree. They are finding it harder to decide what they want to do or be in this world. That is where J-Serve steps in to provide a one-year experience that will assist students in growing in their faith, developing a heart for service and gaining professional and practical skills necessary to succeed in today's world. It is an intentional learning, serving, engaging environment that will help them understand themselves in relation to what God is doing in the world and how to jump in. Students will learn about real life and ministry through purposeful experiences that let students practice all they are learning. Taking one year to explore all that a student can be will not only be invaluable and effective for the rest of their lives, but it will also start them on the right path as they enter their young adult years.

Does my student receive college credits while attending J-Serve?

At this time, students attending J-Serve will not receive college credit for the Enrichment Classes that they participate in throughout the year.

Does my student need a car while at J-Serve?

Students will need a car for the convenience of attending church on Sunday's and for running personal errands. They will also be using their car to drive to their Released Time Experiences each week.

What are the living arrangements?

J-Serve students will be sharing lodging directly on Joy El property. Each housing unit has bunk beds and bath/shower.

When can students go home?

Students are given a schedule that includes weekends off as well as the different holiday breaks. Students are welcome to leave on their breaks and go home if they choose.

How will we be able to reach our student while in J-Serve's program?

Parents can get a hold of their student in two ways: 

  1. They can call Joy El's main office at 717-369-4539 and leave a message that will be given to their student.
  2. They can write an email to and make sure to address the subject line to "J-Serve: Student's first and last name." This email will be delivered to your student.

Where do we purchase materials for the academic classes?

Most materials will be provided to J-Serve for Biblical Emphasis classes. 

How far is it to the nearest medical facility and pharmacy?

There are medical facilities and pharmacies within a 15-minute drive of Joy El in both Chambersburg and Greencastle. 

Do you provide health insurance for students?

J-Serve does not provide health insurance for students participating in this program. it is recommended that students have health insurance coverage while they attend J-Serve.