FAQs for Students

What are the benefits of J-Serve?

The benefits of J-Serve is that a student will have a deeper and stronger understanding of the Bible, their own biblical worldview and how it answers the tough questions of this 21st century culture. Students will have multiple experiences that will teach them how to cultivate their own spiritual development and practically serve in a variety of ministries. Each student will develop a solid foundation in which they find who they are in relation to what God is doing in the world and their specific gifts and passions to be able to jump right into any situation to serve God. They also will gain leadership skills that they can use to lead others in cultivating their personal spiritual development.

What can participants do after they graduate?

J-Serve is not a training program for one specific life track. Students who participate in J-Serve can use the knowledge and skills they have learned in a variety of ways. Students can use what they have gained to pursue a job in camping ministries or in other jobs that require the skills they have learned. They can also decide to go to college to further develop what they have gained during a year at J-Serve. We try to give various experiences to help participants discover and develop their gifts, and the biblical foundation to navigate life wherever God takes them.

Can family visit while J-Serve is in session?

At J-Serve, we know that students and families will want to visit throughout the year. We do appreciate having families around. We do ask that any family visits be pre-arranged since our schedule varies and students are committed to various ministries that need their full attention.

How many students are accepted into the program and when are application deadlines?

The number of J-Serve students is limited to 10 students each year. Applications and acceptance is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  J-Serve will accept students that are considered qualified for the program based on the time of receipt of their application.  The application deadline is July 20th, 2017. Once a student has been accepted to secure their place in the program they must submit a $995 deposit. We strongly recommend applying before March to make sure to have a spot in the 2017-2018 J-Serve year.

Is there a maximum age for J-Serve students?

The maximum age for a J-Serve student is 24 years of age. This program is designed for college age students.

Can J-Serve students maintain their part-time jobs while enrolled?

No. Because of the program schedule, maintaining a job would be difficult.

When will applicants hear back on whether or not they are accepted in the program?

The interview process will include an in-person interview with the applicant and their parents/guardians. After the interview has been completed, the applicant's references will be contacted. Once all this has been completed, the J-Serve Coordinator will notify the student of their acceptance or not. This process can take at least a month, so your patience is greatly appreciated as you wait to hear if you are accepted.

Will students have internet access?

Internet service is available at Joy El and students will have limited internet access during their free time.